Getting ready for Worlds

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So I have had a little rest & recovery time from Nationals & have been fighting a cold. I must say our weather has flipped a switch on us in the last week & right now as I write it is SNOWING!

I actually started a workout yesterday on my bike & turned around after stopping to answer a phone call. I realized that I was damp from sweating on the warm up, & by the time I got off the phone, 5 mins later, I was shivering from standing still. I rode back to work, got on a spin bike & did my intervals. A least I would be breathing in warm air. I am glad I didn’t try & be a hero.

Today as you can see it is snowing. I am facing the same dilemma. Do I ride outside or inside? Zeke’s vote is for outside but my lungs are pushing otherwise.

My workouts leading up to worlds are fairly intense. Shorter intervals for the bike & run, VO2 efforts. It’s really important that the rest/ easy days are exactly that, so the intense workouts are productive, without just getting though them. I missed out on getting to the track with Jen this Wednesday morning & it was horrible weather in the afternoon, so I ended up doing my track workout on the Woodway:

Warm up 1 mile on track
12 x 400 at VO2 max interval pace
float 200m (easy jog) between reps
take 3-5 min rest after #4 and #8.
cool down 1 mile

I was not happy about this. I almost puked. I was happy at least that I was able to hold 1:30 – 1:33’s.

Otherwise I am feeling great mentally. My swims have been feeling solid. I usually hate swimming sets of 400 & 500’s. I am getting better at counting (I would forget how many laps I had swum) & they are becoming effortless, where I can actually push the last 150-100m…Hooray

Here are a few more pic’s from Nationals.

I am playing around with the idea right now of what tire to run in Maui. I am excited that we are allowed to pre-ride the course this year. We leave Thursday October 20th.

Here are a few more pics from the run. I suffered & it was definitely not my best run but it was good enough.

So I am off to watch a little shake & bake while knocking out a brick, & the snow continues to fall. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be on a beach in less than 2 weeks.

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