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Trail Runner Magazine

For April 7 – 9, I was lucky enough to be invited to Gateway Canyons with the Trail Runner
Crew to model in their 2010 Gear Guide. If you have never been to Gateway Canyons, you should, it is 45 minutes south of Grand Junction. Brett & I had never been and the scenery was stunning. We arrived at the Resort just after 4pm and checked into our room. Our jaws dropped when we saw the room – it was luxurious and HUGE!

I dropped my bags and met up with the Trail Runner Crew: Cynthia Bruggeman, Associate Publisher and Elinor Fish, Managing Editor, Michael Benge, Editor and David Clifford, the magician photographer. It was a pleasure to finally meet Elinor as we had been emailing for a few weeks prior, and she was so welcoming and friendly. I was psyched at how friendly everyone was, it was hard to be in a bad mood when you had such a phenomenal backdrop and the weather was perfect.

We all jumped in a jeep and headed out to get the afternoon light for some running shots. Adam Plummer was the male model and I was thrilled because we know each other, which made working together that much easier. Adam is about 6″3′ so when we had to run synchronized, we had to adjust a little. We quickly learnt, Cliffys “one more time” had little meaning!

This was an amazing opportunity for me and I loved every minute of it. It was never hard work, it was just running and smiling in different outfits in beautiful locations. We went to a number of different locations to shoot. Nick and Dawn our resort guides were two of the coolest people you could hope to be guiding you around. Their knowledge of the area was incredible.

There was lots of leaping across creeks, hopping over rocks, running through creek beds and over dry cracked earth. We did a camping scene, which was fun and we were all a little cooked by the sun at the end of the day.

I now know how amazing Nathan Sports Hydration Packs really are. If I ever want to run far enough that I need to take 2-3 litres of water (yikes!) I would use the X-Ceed, or X-Treme it crosses the body like an X on your chest very comfortable. I also know that my next headlamp will be either Petzl or Black Diamond. I have to say I would never have looked at Sugoi Running stuff before but their verve running shorts were incredibly light & clever pockets, although I thought I had them on back to front at first!

Brett kept busy by mountain biking with Carl Bruggeman (who is an animal athlete) and caught up on sleep and TV (we don’t have one) so he was pretty happy. Carl is also doing 12 hours of Mesa Verde.

When Cliffy showed me some of the images he was taking, I was blown away. I was in awe, is that ME! He really is a magician. Running shots aren’t always flattering, if you are a runner and have been photographed while in action it can be upsetting, Brett has seen the tears after race photos. I have to admit my legs have more definition than in the past, but they aren’t ‘skinny’ and nor do I want them to be!

All in all, I had a blast with the Trail Runner Crew and the only tough part was getting up a little earlier in the morning to put the war paint on and fluff the hair! Now I just have to sit tight and wait to see what’s on the Cover, Table of Contents and what made the cut for the gear guide, till June 1st.

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Hello Fruita

Fruita is a Mountain Biking mecca. In fact if you like trail running, camping and even wine tasting you have probably been to Fruita. It’s only 2 hours from Edwards and it’s dry!

When it comes to Mountain Biking and I am asked if I have ridden… such and such, you can pretty much guarantee it will be a ‘No’. I have been Mt. biking for 1 summer. Although I am in love with it, I have a LOT to learn and many trails are to be ridden and more falls are to be had.

Brett, Warren and Karen are training for 12 hours of Mesa Verde on May 8. So they are getting in as much riding as possible outside. I was going to meet Brett, Pam & Warren at North Fruita Desert after work on Friday, I was excited to go camping and be invited to ride with these guys, who actually have a clue, so I started throwing things together:

Step 1 – take front wheel off bike
Step 2 – put bike in rocky mounts on roof of car
Step 3 – put front wheel & dog in back of car

Well Zeke made it, but the front wheel didn’t. I got half way to Fruita and realized the front wheel was still in the garage – DOH! It was already past 8pm. It was too late to go home, so we decided I would just rent one from Over The Edge Sports in Fruita. I was glad to have to go into town, an excuse to get some real coffee in the morning!

Pammy directed me seamlessly to our campsite (LOL) where a tent was pitched, but the car was looking like a better option, it was chilly. Nothin’ like crammin’ 2 people and a dog in the back of a subaru to stay warm. I woke up to find, I clearly did not pack a pillow for Zeke’s and he was sharing mine with me… priceless.

Derek Fish a mate of ours was working at the OTE Sports, so Pam and I dropped in at 9am when they opened. Fish hooked me up with a Rocky Mountain 29er. It was better than my bike, I was stoked, I should do this more often.

We rode Zippity, Joe’s Ridge, Prime Cut, and a bunch more. It was so much fun. I felt really strong. A nice way to start the season. Of course nothing was technical so it was good for my ego. It got really windy about noon, so much that it almost knocked Pam, off her bike, but I had to be at work by 5pm, so we called it quits about 1pm. I am pumped to go back for more!