New Vail Daily Article about the Angels. Awesome.

Check out this article. The girls and Tam have been doing an awesome job. Click Here

Day 35 – Rule 6. Who is with me?

OK, who out there had a successful sweet-free week?  Cort, did you come up with another rule if that one wasn’t going to happen?  I had a pretty successful week.  I had a soda today, and something yesterday, which I can’t remember, but other than that, it as pretty good.  Ok, here is rule #6, plan out what you will eat for the following day.  This is hard, REALLY REALLY hard.  We all have long days, we are all tired, we all stay up too late.  But we all want to eat better, lose weight, go faster, be healthier, etc.  And this is one great way to do it.  So, if you plan out your day, and you were not able to follow it, I want you to post on here why, and what you ate and when.  Was it a decent choice?  Is it always the same time of day? and did you eat something because of stress, boredom, or a good reason like you were actually hungry?  That is all fine, but we should be aware of why we are eating.  Make sense?  We are in our last week.  And I have to say, in the last 2 weeks, especially since cutting sugar, I have lost about 4 pounds.  I also had a headache when when I had the sugar and Maple Syrup.  That was it.  Whole wheat oatmeal pancakes yesterday, but with Maple syrup.  I immediately had an upset stomach and headache.  I am blaming it on the sugar :)  So let me know if you are out there and following this.

Here are some pictures of a wellness program that we have started with the Youth Foundation.  I have mentioned this before in other posts.  Tam also has mentioned the Ells Angels, well that group will come out of this one.  MUCH more to come on that.  Stay Tuned.  Thanks and have a very planned week. :)

The GirlPowHer Girls doing Yoga.

The GirlPowHer Girls doing Yoga.

Day 10 – Going strongish.

Well some other things in life may have fallen off of the wagon a little, but not my salads and water!!  It is tough to get it in, sometimes I chug it right before bed, not the best soution.  But it is the challenge, and hopefully in 4 more weeks as I do this I will learn to get it in earlier.  Like today, I have been up for 2 hours and haven’t had any.  Again, HOPEFULLY I will learn.  It is about -3 degrees here today and I am looking out at our Master’s swimmers swimming with a thick cloud of steam coming off of the pool.  Their kickboards are all frozen to the pool deck, and they are all very hesitiant to get out of the 85 deg water to run inside.

How is everyone else doing on their challenge?  Cort, I am psyched the kids are doing it, even if they do get a little sick of the salads.  Is your husband participating too?

On another note, our new women’s wellness program with the Youth Foundation, Girl Powher just started their yoga classes on the 3rd.  They are such cool women and have really been doing great.  Keep checking back as we update what this group will be doing in the future.  It will be exciting.  Here is a pic from that Monday.

Girl Powher Group