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Busy. Busy. Busy.

Isn’t it amazing how busy you can get when the weather is nice and you realize that summer is only about 4 months long where you live?

We are officially into Autumn here, which means that the Valley slows down, and you start to have time to do things for your self.  We finished up our Mountain Bike racing for the season.  I finished with the 24 Hours in the Sage, stopping 18 hours into it.  Tam finished with a Cat 1 win at the MSC Race in Sol Vista.  Before that we were in the North East for 2 great Xterra races, both of which Tam was the top female.  I did the bike portion, teaming up with my dad and Bro-in-law.  We were first 1 race and dead last the other.  The one we came in last was after a week’s worth of bingeing on my mom’s baking.

Tamara Donelson on her Ellsworth Enlightenment 29Now Tam is gearing up for Xterra US Nationals.  They are up in Ogden, UT.  And we just found out that Lance (yes, the Lance) is going to race.  Doesn’t he know super skinny guys don’t float very well?  This is always a cool race in a beautiful part of Utah.

After that is a couple of weeks until we go to Maui for Xterra World Championships.  And then after that, Tam gets to have some down time.  I have been having it, and it is very nice.  This has been a perfect opportunity for me to set some goals for next season and over the winter.  I tell everyone of my clients to set goals.  And I rarely do.  But what is amazing, is that if you listen to what you are saying to other people, and implement them into your own life, it works out well.

So for the next week or two, as I watch some of the best endurance athletes in the world compete.  Goals are on my mind and good goals, SMART goals.  I would highly recommend it.

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What have we been doing???

Good question. We have not been here very much. Meaning updating this site. But… the Angels are rocking, Tam is rocking, we have been racing, and we are gearing up for some pretty big events.

First off, I am racing in the Breck 100 this Saturday. It is around 13,000-14,000 feet of Mt Bike Climbing. 100 Miles through Breck with a lot of single track mixed in. It is definitely an epic day. One that Warren and I are probably not ready for, but are you ever really “ready” for a ride like this?

That should only have me sore for about 5 days, right in time to recover to make my dancing debut. That is right. I am a participant in the Youth Foundation’s Star Dancing Gala. This helps raise money for the Youth Foundation, and it in turn for the Ells Angels.

Tam has the Beaver Creek Xterra on Saturday. This is the Rocky Mountian Regional Championship. It is the race that she won last year to send her to Nationals and Worlds. Needless to say, she has some pretty high hopes this year for this race. She has already won in Vegas, so she has qualified for everything, this is just to race in front of the home crowd.

The Angels have started to really become Mt. Bikers. The firs couple of weeks were a little tough, but now they are really doing great. The Davos Dash last week was a race to see how tough they were. And they passed. We were extremely proud.

We have 2 athletes racing over in New Hampshire on Sunday in a sprint triathlon. These women have been great figuring out how to juggle life, work, training and nutrition. As we all know, this is not easy. You can see their training blow be the lins to the left.

We are going to be at a few Mountian States Cup races and then off to the east coast to race and vacation with family for 10 days. That will be awesome and then back for a good last push before Tam races at Nationals and World Championships. Stay tuned, we won’t be strangers.