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Laziness and the Number.

OK, so someone that I really care about and think highly of told me to get off of my butt and start posting things again. So, here we go. After the nutrition challenge I had dropped about 8 pounds and was feeling pretty god about myself. But I also felt like I didn’t want to be “restricted” anymore. What a joke? There is a difference between taking the “restrictions off” and going to one of the 5 pizza joints within .5 miles of my house and downing a large pizza, soda, and cookies by myself.
What is it that makes me/us think that when we get around a food we like, that it is going “to run out”. SOme of us may not have that feeling, but I know a lo of us do. What is this scarcity idea that we trick ourselves into believing? Does it come from greed? Does it come from our parents setting limits on us when we are kids? I think that is why I have a hard time with eating well. I am afraid that if I start eating well, I can’t have the foods i “like” anymore. What a dumb idea. And I am putting it out there because it is dumb. Here is my next challenge. It is a short one, but I am going to think that I can have pizza ANYTIME that I want. I can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. And it will not run out. I will know that no matter how much I eat now, I can always have some later.
Also, I used to have a goal weight written on my bathroom mirror. I had it for the challenge. And it worked. Then mine got wiped away and Tam has kept hers. Tam has come close to meeting her 15 week goal in 7 weeks. Needless to say, my number is now back up on the mirror and reminds me every morning when I get up that hopefully I will not go aimlessly through my day eating whatever “I want”.

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Day 10 – Going strongish.

Well some other things in life may have fallen off of the wagon a little, but not my salads and water!!  It is tough to get it in, sometimes I chug it right before bed, not the best soution.  But it is the challenge, and hopefully in 4 more weeks as I do this I will learn to get it in earlier.  Like today, I have been up for 2 hours and haven’t had any.  Again, HOPEFULLY I will learn.  It is about -3 degrees here today and I am looking out at our Master’s swimmers swimming with a thick cloud of steam coming off of the pool.  Their kickboards are all frozen to the pool deck, and they are all very hesitiant to get out of the 85 deg water to run inside.

How is everyone else doing on their challenge?  Cort, I am psyched the kids are doing it, even if they do get a little sick of the salads.  Is your husband participating too?

On another note, our new women’s wellness program with the Youth Foundation, Girl Powher just started their yoga classes on the 3rd.  They are such cool women and have really been doing great.  Keep checking back as we update what this group will be doing in the future.  It will be exciting.  Here is a pic from that Monday.

Girl Powher Group