Vail Daily Article 2 – The Vail Valley Syndrome

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What have we been doing???

Good question. We have not been here very much. Meaning updating this site. But… the Angels are rocking, Tam is rocking, we have been racing, and we are gearing up for some pretty big events.

First off, I am racing in the Breck 100 this Saturday. It is around 13,000-14,000 feet of Mt Bike Climbing. 100 Miles through Breck with a lot of single track mixed in. It is definitely an epic day. One that Warren and I are probably not ready for, but are you ever really “ready” for a ride like this?

That should only have me sore for about 5 days, right in time to recover to make my dancing debut. That is right. I am a participant in the Youth Foundation’s Star Dancing Gala. This helps raise money for the Youth Foundation, and it in turn for the Ells Angels.

Tam has the Beaver Creek Xterra on Saturday. This is the Rocky Mountian Regional Championship. It is the race that she won last year to send her to Nationals and Worlds. Needless to say, she has some pretty high hopes this year for this race. She has already won in Vegas, so she has qualified for everything, this is just to race in front of the home crowd.

The Angels have started to really become Mt. Bikers. The firs couple of weeks were a little tough, but now they are really doing great. The Davos Dash last week was a race to see how tough they were. And they passed. We were extremely proud.

We have 2 athletes racing over in New Hampshire on Sunday in a sprint triathlon. These women have been great figuring out how to juggle life, work, training and nutrition. As we all know, this is not easy. You can see their training blow be the lins to the left.

We are going to be at a few Mountian States Cup races and then off to the east coast to race and vacation with family for 10 days. That will be awesome and then back for a good last push before Tam races at Nationals and World Championships. Stay tuned, we won’t be strangers.

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Training Peaks Interview

A local TV interview on Training Peaks and why we use it.


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Gluten is Quite possibly the best ingredient known to man…

A couple of weeks ago I went in to see my doctor and talked to her about some fatigue that I have been feeling…. for the last 14 years.  I had Mono when I was 18 and never really feel like I have recovered.  There are lots of things that could be “causing” this, but my doc wanted to make sure it wasn’t Gluten.  So she simply said, “no Gluten and to processed sugar for 2 weeks”.  We are considering processed sugar as normal junk food.  For the people that know me and have eaten with me, that is a much larger part of my diet that I like to admit.

I didn’t want to write about this because like other nutritional habits and “rules” I have tried to have before, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do this.  In our last fitness challenge I tried to have other food take up my day so that there wasn’t much room for this type of food.  And it worked well.  I changed some eating habits, lost some weight, etc.

This is the other approach – limiting or cutting out a certain food.  And if you can do it, it works in positive ways.  I have to admit, I am not jumping out of bed at 5:30AM 5 days a week to train people.  I still have to hit the snooze button about 8 times.  But it is easier.  And I think I do feel a little more energy during the day.  I am not convicned that this is the cause of my fatigue, but I am convinced that cutting this stuff out is a really great way to lose weight.

I know all of you health experts are saying, “Of course you are going to lose weight if you cut out processed sugar and Gluten, you idiot.”  But I am just reconfirming that.  Not that I am an idiot, my family will do that all day.  But that this is an “easy” way to lose weight.

On one hand, it sucks.  Gluten is the greatest ingredient ever, trust me.  On the other hand, when your doctor tells you to do it, you just do it.  I have had 10-15 people tell me I should try it, but there was no hesitation when the doc told me.

So I am doing this for another 4 days, but I will continue it for a while.  It is possible to have good Gluten Free Pizza crusts, Restaurant Avondale has been hooking me up and they are really good.  Not really good for Gluten Free, but really good for pizza.  And I am finding that foods that used to not be sweet, are almost too sweet for me.

I know there are a million other accounts like this, but my experience seems to be the same as others.  I have to admit, Vegas for the weekend is REALLY hard to be Gluten-Free and Sugar free for.  Especially when your wife wins the Xterra Triathlon Western Championships, Qualifies for World Championships in Maui, and then orders a Large Ice Cream sunday with only one spoon.