USA Cycling

This past weekend Tam and I went down to Colorado Springs for the USA Cycling Level 2 Clinic. It was a “4-day” clinic, although 2 of them were half days. We started at 8AM on Thursday with on-the-bike drills and skills. Tam and I probably haven’t been on our road bikes in 4 months and I think it showed a little. It was at least very obvious to us.

That afternoon we were inside with a presentation on Exercise Physiology. On Friday the USA Pro Cycling Challenge rolled through town, so we only spent the morning in the classroom. We had a great presentation on track racing by Colby Pearce and then we had the afternoon off to do what we wanted.

Tam and I had every intention of going to watch the races, but we fell asleep and spent the afternoon sleeping in the air conditioning.

Saturday we had a great presentation on BMX racing from Kenth Fallon and a Cyclocross presentation by Kari Studley.  All of these presenters so far were clinic participants that have an area of expertise that the USAC staff asked to present while they were at the clinic.

Saturday afternoon was devoted to the business side of things and Sunday Morning was hypothetical training plans and scenarios.

There are so many of these clinic settings that are not worth the time.  Tam and I both walked away from this one felling like it was well worth the time, effort and money.  It gave us lots of new ideas and contacts, while reiterating that no one out there is re-inventing coaching.  The large majority of us just steal ideas from everyone else!  Had a quick stop at IKEA on the way home, and back to riding with the Ells Angels.

Although most people’s seasons are slowing down, Tam is going into her championship season with Xterra Triathlon National and World Championships.  Stay tuned as we update how she is preparing for those events.

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More Ski Conditioning and Some Boot Testing

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Eagle County Trail Video Archive

Hey everyone, I am going to be posting videos of the trails around Eagle County. For locals, it won’t be very exciting, but it will give people who have never ridden these trails an idea of what they are like. We just started last week, so we will build it throughout the summer.

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Yvonne Writes Better

Here is a post from Yvonne Schwartz, one of the amazing teachers that helps with the Youth Foundation’s Girl PowHer group and the Ells Angels.

Please check this out. Although these are teenagers, it is all applicable to all of us. If you don’t have a regular class, find one. Period.

You can find Yvonne’s link at the bottom of the post to stay up-to-date on the Vail Valley’s Yoga.

Yvonne’s Post

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Day 10 – Going strongish.

Well some other things in life may have fallen off of the wagon a little, but not my salads and water!!  It is tough to get it in, sometimes I chug it right before bed, not the best soution.  But it is the challenge, and hopefully in 4 more weeks as I do this I will learn to get it in earlier.  Like today, I have been up for 2 hours and haven’t had any.  Again, HOPEFULLY I will learn.  It is about -3 degrees here today and I am looking out at our Master’s swimmers swimming with a thick cloud of steam coming off of the pool.  Their kickboards are all frozen to the pool deck, and they are all very hesitiant to get out of the 85 deg water to run inside.

How is everyone else doing on their challenge?  Cort, I am psyched the kids are doing it, even if they do get a little sick of the salads.  Is your husband participating too?

On another note, our new women’s wellness program with the Youth Foundation, Girl Powher just started their yoga classes on the 3rd.  They are such cool women and have really been doing great.  Keep checking back as we update what this group will be doing in the future.  It will be exciting.  Here is a pic from that Monday.

Girl Powher Group